Monday, February 27, 2006

Mexican Poster Art

I have always dug the awesome work that Mexican artist have done over the years especially on butcher shop calendars and in movie posters here are examples. Note the Palmolive poster the one I had copied for my lady death image.

J.C. Leyendecker

As I a kid I marveled at Leyedecker's work the guy was a master at his craft, he really set the bar high and was the predecessor to Rockwell on the Saturday Evening Post.


I had discovered this cool comic book "Franka" from the Netherlands a couple years back, Its about the miss-adventures of lead heroine Franka and her dog. Its is drawn and scripted by creator/artist Henk Kuijpers, and it is some of the most detailed comic work I have see come out of Europe! Here is a the catch, you can only get it in Europe from Amazon France. I have been looking for it in the states online for over a year now, if anyone knows of a online dealer that has any copies please let me know.

BG goodness!

These were done for a project that Patrick and I worked on a few years ago.


More GI-BOT goodness! Just another version of BOT that I have been fiddling with.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


I created the GI-BOT for my skecthbook at Comic Con a few years back, he is basically a combat robot from WWII who has seen many battles in his lifetime. I am working on a back story for him with hopes of self publishing it in a sketch/comic book at con.

Some Layout action

Here are a couple more layouts I did a while ago. Just fooling around with shapes.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Contest entry

I did this for a contest to win an I-pod, there is no rhyme or reason for the composition of the painting, I just wanted to play in acrylics. I called the painting "lost"

Death becomes her.

I thought I would do a day of the dead illustration for last Halloween, and since"The Day of The Dead"had started in Mexico I thought it would be cool to base the illustration on an old Palmolive poster from Mexico. The other illustration, a woman standing on a set of stairs, was done as a test to see how I could composite a illustrator image into a photograph.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Last Year at the Comic Con

Last year I thought I would stroll the massive showroom at the Sandiego Comic Con to see what I could capture on film, so here goes. Notice the two sinister looking perverts hanging around the lovely young lady at Patrick Morgan's booth, just kidding folks it's just Taesoo , Patrick and Gwen (Patricks main squeeze).

Even More BG Action

Even More BG Action, this is also for the same Japanese show I worked on. Here are both the sketch and final painting

BG Action

These little BG's were done for a project in Japan that I had written a story for. The Story was very much inspired by Porco Rosso, and old Mickey cartoons.

In the beginning there was a Rabbit

Well I finally got off my ass and started a blog, I really have no clue as to what rants ill be posting, but I hope they will amuse you. Anyway this is a start, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is at long last in the hands of the Walt Disney company! Walt Disney lost the right to his first commercially successful animated character "Oswald The Lucky Rabbit" about 80 years ago, Walt then created Mickey Mouse as a result of losing Oswald on a train ride from New York to L.A.. My hat is tipped off to Bob Iger for this brilliant move.