Monday, March 09, 2009

Abin Sur

I did this Munny figure for another show in Pasadena this past weekend with my friend Craig Mackay. The theme for the show was "Lucky", hence the dead spaceman in the green suit! Abin Sur, for those of you unfamiliar with comic lore, was the first Green Lantern (silver age) to patrol the sector of space which Earth is part of. Before he dies , as a result of crash landing on earth, he hands over the fabled Green Lantern power ring to Hal Jordan, a U.S. test pilot, who then turns into earth’s emerald protector.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I did this here Munny figure for a show at "The Noise Academy" show last weekend in Pasadena. My friend and fellow co-worker Craig Mackay, did one as well, you can view it on his blog.

I did this "Heart Vader" Munny rather quickly, in only about eight hours. For my next stab at doing one of these things, i'll take a bit more time, i hope.