Friday, July 28, 2006

101 Treasure

While on my lunch break; a month and a half ago, i came across this very old looking mounted story board. The board had been placed in storage in our building from the main studio lot along with movie props and some office furniture. I was curious and decided to investigate the board more closely. Upon seeing in at a closer distance i immediately knew what was in front of me, an original, hand drawn storyboard from 101 Dalmatians! The board was probably done in the late 1950's and was an amazing thing to see and touche it up close.
I stood there thinking about Walt and a room full of guys (nine Old men) looking at this scene and working the magic. I imagined all the talent in the room at that one moment gazing at that which stood before me now, it was an unreal feeling.
Most of the board was intact and protected by a Plexiglas covering, except for a small bit at the bottom of the board, the drawings there had long been torn away.
I quickly realized that this artwork should be archived and restored for generations to learn from. I contacted a friend at the Animation Research library and told him of the find, he was very excited by my find, he informed me that this scene had never been documented anywhere!
About a week later after all of the red tape had been taken care of the board was on its way to the A.R.L. and a much needed restoration and documentation process.
The scene turned out to be the one where all the puppies are gathered around watching the hero dog on the T.V.


"Stitch" house by night

Well i dug up the final rendering of the "Stitch" house, again it was a night time shot so playing with mood was a kick.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Comic Con

My friend Mike, my brother Ed, and I headed down to San Diego on Saturday, it was Ed's first time down and he was blown away. We had a good time but fitting your whole comic con experience in one day is just not enough. I think next year I'll have my book out and be in town for a couple of days.
I have to give a shout out to Patrick for hooking me up with his new book, and a shout out to Alberto Ruiz for the print!

Oh Bother!

I did this for a Pooh project a few years back. Pooh happens....

3D Warrior chic

I made this for a Maya class, unfortunately the class never got to the point of rendering figures.

Online Stuff

Here are a few concept drawings I did a few years back for online. At the time it was an exciting endeavor, but it soon got bogged down with office politics. Some of the concepts were realized but most were not.

Night House

Here is another Layout for the "Stitch" story.

Bloggery you say!

Here is a layout and background from a "Stitch" story I am working on, the story takes place at the wee hours of the night so I had to get used to painting everything in moonlight. It was a good challenge and gave me an insight to how color works in this type of light.