Sunday, December 07, 2008

German Armor

I'm a WWI-II nut and I often get some cool books filled with photos for reference, and a few toys. A few years ago I started collecting 1/6th scale military figures, mostly WWII, from companies like Dragon and Blue Box Toys from China. This new collecting addiction I blame on my friend Taesoo Kim.

A new comer to the 1/6th scale market was America’s Sideshow collectables who currently do an awesome 1/6th scale Star Wars line, but I digress. Among one of Sideshow’s toy line in the past few years was their WWI collection, among one of their WWI figures was a cool German Trench Raider in body armor! I was so impressed by the cool lobster style breastplate and spiked mace that i had to get one! A couple years later I was fortunate to receive a DK Eyewitness book featuring that very same German Body armor from 1916!!

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Craig Mackay said...

Wow, a mace? Really?! That's crazy. I need to bone up on the Great War.